Little John

Little John Portable Urinal

The Fabulous LITTLE JOHN is a portable urinal, unbreakable plastic, with spill proof cap. Ideal for every person on the go, disable or bedridden patients, or when restroom facilities just aren't available. No more unscheduled plane landings, hoping for open gas stations, or stopping at the next "rest area." LITTLE JOHN can be used in conjunction with the Lady "J" female adapter.

Who needs a "Little John portable urinal"?

Anybody who owns a car, truck, boat, camper or airplane


BOATERS, salespeople, masons, fishermen, campers, truckers, private pilots, student pilots, kids,. beer drinkers, sports fans, teenagers, grandfathers, helicopter pilots, game wardens, ambulance drivers, people with dial-up internet service, air traffic controllers, race car drivers, troglodytes, travelers, one bathroom families, flagpole sitters, hot air balloonists, canoeists, stagecoach drivers, and VACATIONING FAMILIES!

Price: $6.99
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Manufactured by First Defense

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