Stop the leaks with this easy to use self retaining drain plug.

TH Marine Self Retaining Drain Plug

TH Marine PWC Drain Plug

This screw-type drain plug is constructed of black nylon and features an "O" ring for positive sealing. Fine threads maintain sealing under high vibration conditions. Special design prevents cross thread. This drain plug mounts in a 1" diameter hole with 2 (two) number 8 countersunk stainless steel screws (not furnished). The back side of mounting flange has a groove to hold sealant for positive water proof mounting. Mounting flange is approximately 1 1/2" x 2". This drain plug is ideal for boat transoms, fish wells, bait tanks, water tanks, coolers, ice chests or almost any application where a positive sealing drain plug is required. This drain plug is not only quick and simple to install, but it also provides a definite cost advantage over outdated, leaking flared-type drain tubes. This retained plug will not get lost.

Price: $5.29
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Manufactured by TH Marine

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